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Superbowl LIII Preview

17 weeks, three weeks of playoffs, the pro bowl and finally we are at the Super bowl which marks the end of the NFL season. For the 3rd straight year the Patriots return thanks to their QB Tom Brady. Meanwhile in the NFC, the Los Angeles Rams and their QB Jared Goff head to the big game on a controversial call.

For this post I will be recapping the Patriots and Rams seasons and predicting the outcome of the big game


New England

Patriots: The Pats have appeared in three of the past four super bowls, won two of them and lost one of them to the Eagles last year. This year was expected to be no different than any other, but things got off to a rough start. After week 4, the pats weren’t even first in the division. They would eventually do better but finish second in the AFC to the Kansas City Chiefs. To no surprise the Pats would meet the Chiefs in the AFC final, expected to lose the game. But against most odds the Pats won to advance to their 5th Superbowl of the decade.

Los Angeles Rams: Unlike the patriots who were already a dominant force prior to now, the Rams weren’t as big of a force until recently. For 20 years the Rams Franchise was located in St. Louis Missouri but had not made the playoffs since 2004. The team relocated to LA. expecting a big change of scenery for the team.

In their second season in LA the team won their division and hosted a wild card game, but came up short against the Atlanta Falcons. This year things just got better when they started the season 9-0. The team would end up finishing second in the NFC to the New Orleans Saints, whom they would play in the NFC final.

Chances are the Saints would have won, but a controversial call led the Rams to victory, and to the super bowl.

Super Bowl Preview

Now that we are down to just one game left to determine the NFL Champion, it is time for me to make my predictions.

Let me start off by saying that if the Patriots win they will tie the steelers for most super bowl wins, but if they lose they will hold the record for most super bowl losses.

This is the Rams fourth Superbowl appearance, their first since 2001 when Vinateri scored the field goal for the pats to get past the rams. The Rams have only one Superbowl title but can hope for another one Sunday.

Now let’s take a look at numbers put up by these teams from this season.

Team NameWinsLossesPCT.PFPA
Los Angeles Rams133.813527384
New England Patriots115.688436325

Final Prediction

For my final prediction I predict that the Patriots will win 26-17. The reason that I think this is because the Pats have a roster with Brady, Gronkowski, White, Edelman and Cannon that have all been to the big game many times and have already won the championship so they will be more used to the hype and crowds of the Superbowl. The Rams on the other hand have a more younger roster of Goff, Cooks and Brockers who aren’t as experienced as the Patriots roster.

The good news for Rams fans is that once the Pats stars get to old and retire then I could see the rams becoming the next New England Patriots and becoming the best team in the league if you look at their recent performances, but I do think that now is not their time and is the pats time and they will win Superbowl 53.

Image result for 2002 Super Bowl
The 2002 Superbowl saw the same two teams face off. The game was close until the end when Adam Vinateri scored a field goal leading the Patriots to victory

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