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Top 10 sports plays of 2017

2017 was a great year for sports. The greatest Superbowl comeback in history was made by the New England Patriots. The Pittsburgh Penguins won back to back Stanley cup Champions. And for those in America, the National team finally won the World Baseball Classic. And there are also those great plays that have the whole sports world go crazy.

Here’s my list of the top 10 greatest Sports plays of 2017


10. Erik Karlssons Saucer pass

Courtesy: Rogers Sportsnet

The Ottawa Senators had an incredible playoff run this year, being just a goal away from the Stanley cup final. And of all their moments this playoffs, none were as good as this one.  Karlsson was in his own end of the ice, and somehow pass the puck and threw it 5 feet in the air all the way across the ice, and was picked up by Mike Hoffman, who then had a breakaway and scored.


9. Emre Cans goal of the year

Courtesy: rezon Kc/YouTube

The BBC goal of the year award went to none other than Emre Can of Liverpool. And what a goal it was.  Midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, passed to Can, who saw the ball and fell on his back, facing the net sideways,and did a bicycle kick that went in the net.


8. Holy Toffoli

Courtesy: Rogers Sportsnet

There have been many time in NHL’s 100 year long history, that a player has scored a goal, but it is waived off because the time had expired.  Somehow this goal was an exception. With 0.09 seconds left, the puck drooped, and the Kings Anze Kopitar who passed the puck back to Toffoli, who sniped it in the net.  That goal might have been one of the fastest game winning goals in NHL History.


7. Feleipe Franks Hail Mary throw

Courtesy: Florida Gators/NCAA

In College Football every season do we always see such great plays. This year was  no exception with tons of amazing catches and throws headlined by this one. Division rivals Florida and Tennessee were seeded 23 and 24th, and were put in the same division, making this matchup a big one.  With 24 seconds left the game was tied, and the Gators needed to score a touchdown to win, and Quaterback Felepie Franks threw the ball 10 feet in the air for a 63 yard touchdown, leading the Gators to victory.


6. 14 year old flips over the wall at the Junior League World Series

Courtesy: Chris Del Tennis/ YouTube

Okay so in the Big Leagues, many amazing catches are made every year, but none might be comparable to this one, coming from 14 year old Jack Regenye in the Junior League World Series. A blast to centre was hit, and Regenye jumped over the fence, and caught the ball while he was leeping. This catch is now going down in history, and has been considered by many as the play of the year.


5. Julian Edelman’s catch that helped the Patriots make the biggest SuperBowl Comeback

Note: Was unable to upload a video of it on my website. Must be watched on YouTube.

The New England Patriots highlighted 2017 in Sports by making the biggest SuperBowl comeback ever. And one of the main reasons was because of this catch. With 4 minutes left, the Patriots needed to score a a touchdown to keep the game alive, and Brady made a passed that was initially intercepted by Keanu Neal, but he fumbled the ball, and it fell towards Julian Edelman, who caught the ball, and then got it kicked out of his hands by an Atlanta Defender, but he somehow grabbed it just before it Touched the ground. This possession would then lead to a touchdown, and the Patriots would go on to complete the greatest comeback in SuperBowl history.

4. Olivier Giroud Scorpion Kick

Courtesy: Rasis Bhandari/ Youtube

Back at number 9. we had Emre Can score what was named the BBC goal of the season, however I personally think that award should have gone to Olivier Giroud. The ball was in Arsenals own end, and then they somehow got the ball out of their end. Right winger Alexis Sanchez had the ball at right, and was in front of all the other Arsenal players. Giroud somehow caught up to him, and was in front of the net. Sanchez passed to him, and he kicked the ball from the back of his foot and it went in. Who else thinks this should’ve been Goal of the Season?


3. Auston Jackson’s Catch of the year

Courtesy/ Major League Baseball

2017 MLB catch pf the year goes to Auston Jackson. No honestly, Fenway just seems to be the park of great catches. Hanley Ramirez hit a drive deep to center, And Auston Jackson ran after the ball, leaped at the fence to make the catch, and caught it while falling into the Red Sox bullpen. Man, there really should be a Catch of the year award, and if there was, it certainly would go to Auston Jackson, because no Catch this year was better than this one.


2. Jordan Speith’s putt of the year.

Courtesy: Professional Golfing Association

Okay so Jordan Speith is only 24, but with the path hes taking, he might be the next Tiger, and none of his plays are better than this. Speith was in the bunker, and shot the ball,  and it landed a top a hill, and rolled into the hole, giving Speith the win at the Traveler’s Championship. I dont know what was better about that: His putt or Celebration. What do you think?


1. Chris Coglan flips over the catcher.

Courtesy: Major League Baseball

The play of the year in my opinion should be Chris Coghlan. Kevin Pillar hit a drive deep to right, and Stephen Piscotty who was playing rightfield for the Cardinals that game, didin’t make the catch. Coghlan was at first, and ran all the way to home, but the throw was in time, and Catcher Yadier Molina was waiting right in front of the home stretch, and Coghlan flipped over the catcher to score a run.


That’s my list of top 10 sports plays of the year in 2017. But what do you think?  Did I miss any big plays, or do you think these should be in a different order. Please fell free to comment and tell me youre own list of top 10 sports plays of 2017. But until next time thanks for reading.


Joey Votto wins Lou Marsh Trophy

Canada certainly is not as good of a Country at certain Sports like Baseball, compared to our neighbor the United States. But that means nothing. There are still loads of Canadians that have played in the Major Leagues, and while they may not be well known in America,  this one certainly would be known here in Canada. Joey Votto, a 5x all star,  NL Hank Aaron Award Winner, NL MVP and Gold glove award winner from Toronto has been named Canadian athlete of the year for the second time in his career. But when you here about him winning all these stats you may think being named Athlete of the year in Canada means nothing, but as he explains it means a lot.

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Top 10 Places that I’ve been to


At this website, we talk about Travel a lot, and for my first Article on travel, why not tell you my Favorite Places that I’ve been to. These are based on my personal experiences, and the attractions I visited there, and I will not be including things that I did not do, but feel free to tell me about other things in the comments. Enjoy!

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What happened with the NFL and Trump last week

What Happened with the NFL and Trump last weekend?

Donald Trump was officialy elected as President of the United States. But as we get further into Trumps presidency, America realizes they may have emmbaressed themselves bigger than any other time. Trump is very racist and seems to have done something awful about everything. You may have wondered what Trump would do about Black Sports players, and he answered that question on Saturday.
So what exactly happened in all. This all began when Colin Kaepernick of the San Fransisco 49ers and a teamate kneeled during the National Anthem, because an Anthem is supposed to describe a countries freedom.
But because Blacks have unequal rights in America, he kneeled as a protest that America is not as free as people think it is and that most black people get shoot by the police. You only knew Trump would make matters worse.
During a press conference in Alabama,Trump showed his opinion on Kapernick kneeling by saying “wouldnt ya love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody dispresects our flag. They say get that son of a B***h of the field right now, out hes fired …. FIRED!”
Two days after Trumps speech was the Sunday of week 3. This lead many players to kneel in portest against the way certain Blacks have been treated in the past, and how they are being treated now. Here are some examples:
At Wembley Stadium, 27 players combined for the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars kneeled during the American anthem with crossed arms, and then stood up, with arms still knelt during the British national Anthem”God save the Queen”.
All Pittsburgh Steelers players except Alejandro Villanueva(who served in the Military) refused to leave the locker room during the anthem. As for their opponent, the Chicago Bears, all their players crossed arms.
Both the Tennesse Titans and the Seattle Seahawks did not take the feidl during the anthem, and stayed in their locker rooms until it concluded. Not only that, but Meghan Linsey, the girl that sang the anthem kneeled during the end of her performnce.
The Miami Dolphins members wore “#IMWITHKAP” shirts during Pre-game warmup to support Colin Kapernicks actions. Five Members kneeled during the anthem, while the rest all locked arms.
At week four matters didnt get any better. While there were not as as many protests, there was one that got the sports world a bit crazy.
The New Orleans Saints established a plan, that every team member would tweet”as a way to show respect to all, our #saints team will kneel in solidarity prior to the National Anthem and stand together during the Anthem in London.
These protests could continue for a long time, maybe even until the playoffs. Roger Goddel has been trying to solve these issues. The league is seeking ways to help players with their concerns of Social Injustice, Racism, Police Brutality and other Social issues with Racism. Not just giving Financial support, but working physically with playersas they go into their cities both in season and Offseason. However in the NFLS last meeting, Goddel reffered more to moving on from Trumps speech, rather then forward on the support for players and their Towns. The NFL is expecting to take care of Trump, while he keeps tweeting about the Protests, it seems Goddel will not agree with anything Trump says, and lets hope the Protests will end next week.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Canadian Northern Territories

Canada is said by Many as a Country of Adventures. That’s because the North Territories, are nearly as big as the United States but are almost empty. For people into adventures and hiking, the North Territories are a whole different Ballgame then anywhere else.

Here’s my List of the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in the Northern Canadian Territories


Pangnirtung Fiord S 2 2001-07-15.jpg

10.  Auyuittuq National Park. Auyuittuq is located on Baffin Island, and is over 19,000 Kilometers long. There are loads of long Hikes, and Kayak Trails. There are also many mountain peaks, one of which was used as a film set for the James Bond Movie “The Spy who Loved me”. This place is fun to visit, but is at the bottom  of this list because the Parks Species are dying due to low vegetation.


9. Naats’ihch’oh National Park Reserve. This park, is nearly impossible to prounounce correctly, but is over 1000 squared Kilometers. The Park is Fairly new and doesnt have any proper trails, the main way to get around is by canoeing. The Trip is 21 Days, but youre almost guranteed of seeing a Bear, Caribou, or Coyote along the way.
8. Ukkusiksalik. This park, is located in northern Nunavut. Which is just flat Grasslands, but in the winetr snow covers it all, and makes it fun to snowmobile around all winter long. The main way to acess it is by
Boat from Repulse Bay. You can also hike around the park and explore some of the Wildlife.
7. Pingo National Landmark. Pingo National Landmark is the only National Landmark in Canada, and is something very unusual to find. Its a unique Artic Landform of ice Cored hills called Pingos. Beside them are grassy fiedls in which Flowers grow During the Summer. This landmark overlooks the community of Tuktoyatuk.One Pingo in particular is the second largest in the world
6. Nahanni National Park. This Park is really worth visiting if youre an Adventurer. The Main way to acess the Park is by Seaplane, the Park even offers day long trips around the park in a plane. The park also features the highest Mountains in all the Northwest Territories. You can Canoe right beside the high rocks and Mountains.
Scenic view of Iqaluit, Nunavut
5. Iqaliut. Iqualiut is the Capitol city of Nunavut, but has lots of Tourist Attractions for the whole Family. Your kids can learn Inuit Cultures as well as life in small towns in the North. This is the one place that would be worth taking your Family to, as the trip would be both educational and fun.
4. Aulavik National Park. Aulavik is the ultimate land of freedom. The Park is located on northern Banks Island, and can mainly be accesed by a Helicopter, however the Park is completley flat land, so you can Camp wherever you want. The park also has the highest Concentration of Muskoxen on earth. Most people canoe all the way up the Aulavik River, and take a helicopter back to Sachs Harbour
3. Qausuittuq National Park. This park is by far the Northern Most on this list. To get here, theres an office in Iqaliut, where you get your permits to go here by Helicopter. Located on Bathurst Island, this Park might be the Smallest on this list, but its high because its the only place in the World to see Peary Caribou
2. Kluane National Park. This Park is famous for having the Tallest Mountain in Canada, Mount Logan. This Park is also easier to access then most. Take the Klondike Highway from Whitehorse, until Haines Junction. Then turn on the Alaska Highway, and youll see tons of Hiking Trails that lead you to the Park. It would be a serious long journey to get to Mount Logan, however there are two park visitor centres, one in Haines Junction and the other an hour north. Your kids can learn all about the Park there
1. Wood Buffalo National Park. This park is Mainly located in Alberta but can easily be accesed in Northwest Territories. While Driving along the Mackenzie Highway, turn in Enterprise on the Hay River Highway, and then turn on the Fort Smith Highway. This park is filled With Buffalos and Bears, and is one of the Largest Parks in the World. It is by far the biggest adventure in the North Territories(despite most of it Alberta) at surely will make you feel like youve expireienced something most Can’t.

Top 10 Sports Athletes From The Canadian Territories

The Canadian territories aren’t well known for having good sports athletes as much as Ontario or Quebec is. They are most well known for the long adventures people take across the arctic. But since its Canadas 150th Birthday why not take a second to acknowledge those who made the journey south to play proffesional sports. Here are the top 10 greatest sports athletes from Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.



10. Vic Mercredi. Mercredi was the first player from any north Territory to play in the NHL. Not much about his childhood is know, but he was drafted on the first round of the NHL Draft and would play two games for the Atlanta Flames, and three games for the Calgary Cowboys of the WHA. To most fans he may seem like a bad player, but is on this article because he was the first NHL player from any of the Territories.


The Inukshuk is the national symbol of Nunavut

Image result for zac boyer

9. Zac Boyer. Little is known about this small town hero. Zac Boyer grew up playing Hockey in Inuvik, which has a population of just, 3,00 people. Its located far north from other communities. Flight to Whitehorse would be two and a half hours, and 4,000 dollars. A flight to Yellowknife would be an hour and a half, for 2,000 dollars. Boyer made up for all this when he scored the winning goal for the Kamloops blazers to win the Memorial cup in 1992.

Image result for denise ramsden


8. Denise Ramsden. While Driving up the Mackenzie highway towards Yellowknife, make a turn in Enterprise, and you’ll hit Hay River. Population, 3,606. Does that make the community big enough for Denise Ramsden to cycle all around. Well Ramsden currently has her own website, and has won the Canadian national Championship for Women twice. She has also been to the Olympics and finished 27th in the Road Race

Brendan Green

7. Brendan Green. Like Ramsden (above this section) Brendan Green grew up in Hay River. Green was the first Olympic Athlete to compete for two sports at the Olympics. He began playing Biathlon, and was with the Canadian relay team at the 2010 Winter Olympics, that finished 10th. That same team would go on to break numerous Canadian Records at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Then in 2016 his team won bronze at the 2016 Biathlon World Championships. He will represent Canada for Cross Country Skiing at the 2018 Winter Olympics however.

Zach Bell

6. Zach Bell. Just as your enter Yukon from British Columbia, you’ll drive through a small town called Watson Lake, Population 790. It was so small, Zach Bells parents had to give him birth in Whitehorse. Bell certainly made a mark when he finished 8th and 7th at the Olympics, and came second in the Men’s Omnium at the World Championships twice. He also won the Canadian national Biking Road Race in 2013.


Michael Gilday

5. Michael Gilday. Michael Gilday was born in Iqaluit, but his family moved to Yellowknife shortly after that. At age 5, he first laced up on skates. After High School he moved to Calgary, which is still where he trains today. He has since gone on to win two gold medals at the World Championships. He wasn’t even supposed to go to the Winter Olympics, but ended up going(reason is unknown). He would end up finishing 17th overall in the individual 1500, and was a part of the relay team that finished 7th. He is currently retired.

Image result for GREG wiltjer

4. Greg Witljer. Greg Witljer was born in Whitehorse. He did spend most of his childhood on Vancouver Island, but is still on this for being the only player to get close to the NBA that was from the Territories. He was drafted by the Chicago Bulls, but never played a single NBA Game. He played in Europe for FC Barcelona(not to be confused with the Soccer Club) and Aris BC. His team would win the European Champions league twice. He also won the national championship for Greece’s highest Basketball league.


Image result for moira and jeane lassen

3. Moira and Jeanne Lassen. Jeanne Lassen was born on Victoria but found out her sport was Weightlifting in Whitehorse. She came second at the Canada Summer Games at age 14. She would go on to come third at the Weightlifting World Championships in 69 KG, and would win the 69 KG at the Pan American Championships. Her Mother Moira was also the first Women to be Elected to International Weightlifting Federation.

Image result for jordin tootoo

2. Jordin Tootoo. Jordin Tootoo was the first Inuit player in the NHL. He is a major role model for youth in Nunavut. He said ” I’m just trying to pave the way for not only Inuit Athletes, but other aboriginal people. He recently wrote a book “My life on the ice” which explains his childhood. It also explains how he lost his brother because of suicide due to impaired driving. SPORTSNET declared Tootoo as the 8th Greatest Smalltown hero in the NHL.

Image result for koe family


  1. The Koe Family. Fred Koe may be the easisiest parent to find at a National Curling Event, after he has three Children that have all taken separate Curling Paths. While Kerry Galusha and Jamie Koe have never won a Grand Slam, Kevin Koe(despite representing Alberta) has won 5 Grand Slams in total, and is a star throughout the Country. He has won the World Champinships as skipper twice, The Tim Hortons Brier three times and has been to Olympic Trials.