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World Series Preview

Wow! What a season it has been in Baseball. It feels like the season just started yesterday, yet were already at the fall classic. This year the fall classic features the team that had the best record in Baseball this season and last years runner-up. While the Dodgers go for their first World Series in 40 years, the Red Sox are going for their 4 title in the 21st century. In this post I will be recapping the previous rounds and making predictions for this round.

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MLB postseason first round recap and championship series previews

The Baseball postseason is well underway.  This year, entering the postseason were three teams with 100+ win seasons. Both the NL Central and NL west Division ended in a tie for first by the last day of the season, which led to two tiebreaker games held. I would have already posted an article on the MLB postseason, but because there was so little time between the first rounds, it was hard to fit in making a post. Now we have reached round 3 of the playoffs, and I am here with a preview on the AL and NL CS.

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NHL Season preview

Hockey is back in just three days. Everyone fan is getting ready for another great season of one of the greatest sports in the world. Well it might not be a great season for some. While last years bad teams like the Coyotes and the Sabres hope to improve from last year, teams like the Ottawa Senators are not looking a great season.  The team not only lost their captain, but are still subject of being sold and relocated. Things have gotten even better for the Toronto Maple Leafs, who after acquiring John Tavares are looking at going for the Stanley cup.

For this post I will be predicting the teams that will make the playoffs, including the wild card teams. So without more to do here are my predictions for this years NHL season. During the mid-way point of the season(most likely during the all-star break) I will make another article on the teams making the playoffs that is more up to date.

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2018 NFL season preview

Summer is over now, which means that kids are going back to school, which can get our kids to be a little upset. However the start of school also means that the NFL season will begin as well. And for my first football article, I thought that it would be perfect to predict this years division winners as well as the two wild card teams from each conference. So without further to do here is my first NFL article on this years division winners and wild card teams.

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Beyond Booking: Italy

First off I would like to apologize on behalf of not posting anything in over a month. I have been on summer holidays taking courses, and going on trips, so I have not really had a lot of time but i’m back with a new series”beyond booking”

It’s focus is to go more in depth on the places to visit. Once you’ve booked a trip to a area, like say Italy,(which is what we will be discussing in this article) you know you’re going to the boot, but do you know what part of the boot. That’s what this article will focus so I will list around 5 different places in Italy(usually Cities) and be explaining five different categories about those places. If I have visited the place, I will put in asterisk beside the place name.

-How to get there

-Getting around the city

-attractions to do


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Top 100 places that will change your life(spirit)

As I continue my articles on National Geographic “100 places that will change your life” magazine recently I posted an article about great places to volunteer. Now I will be explaining the next 25 places from that magazine. Now we look at places where you can visit and reflect on your spirit. These places will involve lots of adventure and spiritual possibility.

Here is my list of the top 25 places that will change your life(spirit)

Image result for esalen

25(75): Retreat to Esalen, California.

The Esalen Institute is a great place to retreat whether you want a vacation full of adventure, or relaxation. Located along California 1 between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Esalen Institute is the perfect place to explore spiritual possibilities.

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24(74): Cruise the Nile.

Embark on a cruise that takes you to all the historical spots of ancient Egypt. From Tutankhamen’s tomb to the goddess of Isis, this cruise is sure to give you the perfect lesson on the Egyptians and their cultures.

Related image

23(73):Pray in Taizé France.

Built during World War II to provide spiritual service to Europeans, Taizé is a small monastery near Dijon, which focuses on bringing young Christians to take religious school and pray. For clarification non-Christians aren’t allowed.

Image result for virunga volcanoes

22(72): Climb Virunga Volcanoes, Central Africa.

One of the only mountain ranges made completely of volcano’s, located at the border of three different countries. You can take a 2 hour long hike up Mount Karisimbi, and take the view in with you as you can see three countries above along with the other mountains.

Image result for kakadu National Park

21(71):Be awed by Kakadu National Park, Australia.

The wild that has been inhabited by Humans for over 50,000 years? Located in the Northern Territory in Australia near Darwin, this park has many aboriginal paintings, made on rocks, this park is the exact place to enjoy the wilderness as well as learn the history of the area.

Image result for Victoria Falls

20(70):Experience Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe.

This location does not need much description, because most already know. It is simply the largest waterfall in the world, located on the border between the two countries that start with Z, and is referred to as the prettiest place in the world.Image result for cliff palace


19(69):Discover ancestral Puebloan ruins, Colorado

Ever wanted to learn about the lives of the Pueblo people? Cliff Palace in Colorado is the perfect place. Located in Mesa Verde National Park, the castle has a unique experience for learning about the ways of the Pueblo People from the early 1300s.

Image result for Camino de Santiago

18(68): Walk the Camino de santiago, Spain.

A long time ago pilgrims from all over Europe took the path to the city of Santiago de Compostella, to visit the cathedral. The path still remains today and most people start from the french border, and take the month long journey to, with many pilgrim hostels to stop at along the way.

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17(67):Be dazzled by ancient temples, Myanmar.

Myanmar(Burma) is home to over 2,000 temples and the city of Bagan is a perfect place to visit to learn Buddhist traditions. There are many great temples there with carved doorways, glinting altars and murals. Of all the temples though, Shwedagon Pagoda (pictured above)is the one that stands out most. It is considered to be the birthplace of the Buddha himself.

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16(66):Gaze upon the stars, Atacama Desert, Chile.

The Atacama desert is very mixed terrain. While there are very flat parts of it, there are also volcanoes that can go up to 20,000 feet. It is known for being one of the best spots to stargaze. It’s so good even NASA tests mars rovers on this area.

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15(65): Celebrate Easter in Lalibela, Ethiopia.

Lalibela is a small village in Ethiopia home to 11 orthodox churches, all from volcanic explosions. The churches are still being used by priests, nuns and worshipers especially on Easter,  when a massive feast takes place at all the churches to celebrate the risen Christ.

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14(64): Celebrate the spring equinox, Teotihuacan, Mexico.

The multitudes celebrate the sundown to celebrate the beginning of spring. You can join in on their festivities. Chant, sing, pray, whatever you like during this festival. The festival takes place in honor of the temple which rises above the rest of Teotihuacan and is to have been placed in its spot by the sun at its zenith.

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13(63): Encounter a pristine Marine Reserve, Pitcairn Islands.

This island is small, and so it;s no surprise most don’t even know it exists. Though many do know it for being home of descendants of the HMS bounty, a ship that was attacked and floated into this island. In 2015 National Geographic voted to create a no-take marine reserve around the four islands that make the Pitcairn archipelago. Thus protecting over 300,000 square miles off the surrounding reefs including 40-mile reef.

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12(62): Perform a Buddhist pilgrimage, Shikoku, Japan.

Travel back to the early ninth century to the time of monk, Kobo Daishi in 88 temples across the Island of Shikoku. And if your’e a true pilgrim, you would be willing to take the “walk of life” which takes you all around the island, and gives you a chance to see all of its mountainous regions.

Image result for ohrid icons

11(61): See the ohrid icons, Macedonia.

Lake Ohrid is know for its beaches and watersports, but many have taken trips there to visit the orthodox churches and Byzantine-style icons.

Image result for Milford Sound New Zealand

10(60): Feel the magic of Milford Sound, New Zealand.

The beautiful land of Milford sound is full with waterfalls, rain forests, whales and penguins that some say magic created this natural landscape.

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9(59): Study Iyengar yoga in India.

The Ramamani Iyengar Memorial yoga institute in Pune, India,  accepts people from all over the world who spend long hours practicing Iyengar Yoga, a traditional excersize from India.

Image result for Lourdes France

8(58): Drink in Lourdes, France.

Roman catholics come from all over to the chapel pictured above, so that they can drink or bathe from the infamous grotto spring that is believed to heal you.

Image result for Angkor Wat

7(57): Explore the temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

This doesn’t need much explanation. You simply explore the famous temples from the 15th century that once ruled the Khmer empire.

Image result for isla del sol sunset

6(56): See the sun set in Isla de soL, Bolivia.

The inca people believe that the Isla de sol is home to their sun god. You can watch the sun set from the island on the Lighthouse as it goes sets beneath the Andes and Lake Titicaca.

Image result for plitvice lakes

5(55): Marvel at Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes.

There might be any place that is more “fantastical”(as described by J.R.R Tolkein) in the world. It simply is a wonderland housing many waterfalls and lakes.

Image result for South Dakota Badlands

4(54): Explore the Badlands, South Dakota.

The Badlands have been around for over a million years. While it was once a great sea it vanished away and created the badlands long before humans existed. The landscape is different from anywhere else in the world and that is why it has been attracting humans, espically during the night when you can see a full moon.

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3(53): Climb to the monasteries of Meteora, Greece.

Situated on pillars on top of a mountain the Eastern orthodox monasteries were built in the 14th and 16th century and serve as a big spot for Greek Pilgrims. Pilgrims from all over can go and climb up the hills to visit the few monasteries that remain standing today.

Image result for annapurna circuit

2(52): Hike the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal.

Opened in 1977, this hike was meant for foreigners to enter Nepal, and has since become a spot for spectacular scenery. Prayer Flags, Hindu Temples, Buddhist monasteries, forests and hot springs are along this pathway making it the most entertaining of all the ones on this list.

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1(51):Marvel at the Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana.

A lake once rumbled on this land, but dissolved millions of years ago.Now the Makgadikagadi Pans are just a flat desert with nothing but a few trees. Many adventures come here to explore the 6,000 square-mile area and to spot wildlife too, as well as the zebra migration in winter.

That’s part 2 of my list on the top 100 places that will change your life. Hope you enjoyed this article and that you would like to take one of these journeys.