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NHL mid-season summary and predictions

The NHL season is roughly halfway through, and as we are further into the season we have seen surprises and expectations from the league. Of course the NHL confirmed of an expansion team in Seattle as well as rejecting any other potential expansion bids. In terms of the actual teams no surprise the Lightning top the standings while the Senators take the bottom spot.

In this article I will be briefly explaining the first half of the season and predicting award winners.

Here are the standings currently in the league

Metropolitan Division GPWinsLossesOTPoints
1. NY Islanders492915563
2. Pittsburgh Penguins502717660
3. Washington Capitals502717660
Atlantic DivisionGPWinsLossesOTPoints
1. Tampa Bay Lightning503711276
2. Toronto Maple Leafs493017262
3. Montreal Canadiens512818561
Wild CardGPWinsLossesOTPoints
1. Boston Bruins502717660
2. Columbus Blue Jackets492818359
3. Buffalo Sabres502519656
4. Carolina Hurricanes502420654
5. NY Rangers492121749
6. Florida Panthers482020848
7. Philadelphia Flyers502123648
8. New Jersey Devils491923745
9. Detroit Red Wings511925745
10. Ottawa Senators501926543
Central DivisionGPWinsLossesOTPoints
1. Winnipeg Jets503216266
2. Nashville Predators523018464
3. Minnesota Wild502621355
Pacific DivisionGPWinsLossesOTPoints
1. Calgary Flames513313571
2. San Jose Sharks522916765
3. Vegas Golden Knights522919462
Wild CardGPWinsLossesOTPoints
1. Dallas Stars502521454
2. Colorado Avalanche502220852
3. Vancouver Canucks512322652
4. Anaheim Ducks512121951
5. Arizona Coyotes502323450
6. St. Louis Blues492222549
7. Edmonton Oilers502324349
8. Chicago Blackhawks511824945
9. Los Angeles Kings502026444

GP= Games Played

OT= Overtime Losses

This year we have seen teams do as expected and teams surprise. The biggest surprise of this year might be the Chicago Blackhawks, who go from being possibly the best team in the league to getting swept out in the first round and then missing the playoffs.

The Hawks haven’t lost any of their good players, so it’s surprising that they aren’t still a playoff team. Patrick Sharp retired at the end of last season, but they still have Toews, Kane and Keith plus the acquisition of Cam Ward, which should only make them better.

Another big surprise like the Hawks are the Kings, who won the Stanley cup in 2012 and 2014 and have really been trash since then. After missing the playoffs in 2015 the Kings suffered back to back first round exits so it’s really no surprise that the team is doing so bad.

What probably might have been the biggest surprise of all so far is the Knights, whom most expected not to do very well this year are third in the Pacific Division which is not that good, but is still better than what most expected.

As expected the Lightning are first in the league and are definitely a cup contender. The other team that would easily be considered a cup contender would be the Calgary Flames, who are two points behind the Lightning.

Award Predictions

Hart Trophy Winner: Connor Mcdavid

Norris Trophy: Kris Letang

Frank Selke Trophy: Patrice Bergeron

Calder Trophy: Elias Petersson

Vezina Trophy: John Gibson

Jack Adams Award: Barry Trotz

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