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NHL mid-season summary and predictions

The NHL season is roughly halfway through, and as we are further into the season we have seen surprises and expectations from the league. Of course the NHL confirmed of an expansion team in Seattle as well as rejecting any other potential expansion bids. In terms of the actual teams no surprise the Lightning top the standings while the Senators take the bottom spot.

In this article I will be briefly explaining the first half of the season and predicting award winners.

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NHL Season preview

Hockey is back in just three days. Everyone fan is getting ready for another great season of one of the greatest sports in the world. Well it might not be a great season for some. While last years bad teams like the Coyotes and the Sabres hope to improve from last year, teams like the Ottawa Senators are not looking a great season.  The team not only lost their captain, but are still subject of being sold and relocated. Things have gotten even better for the Toronto Maple Leafs, who after acquiring John Tavares are looking at going for the Stanley cup.

For this post I will be predicting the teams that will make the playoffs, including the wild card teams. So without more to do here are my predictions for this years NHL season. During the mid-way point of the season(most likely during the all-star break) I will make another article on the teams making the playoffs that is more up to date.

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Stanley Cup Finals preview

What an NHL season this has been. It got off to a shocking start with the Vegas Golden Knights, who were not in any way expected to do well, and started off the season with three straight wins. They would go on to get better and better and here they are in the cup final. The Tampa Bay Lightning also made headlines throughout the whole season, with Nikita Kucherov who started off the season scoring a goal in the first seven games. Oh it was quite a season and in the end the league’s four newest teams made the playoffs, and only two original six teams made the playoffs. It might be the beginning of a new era, and here we are now in the cup finals, with an expansion team.

Here’s my preview for this years Stanley cup finals.

Team recaps


Washington Capitols: The Capitols are definitely one of the best teams in the league. But are they? For the past two years the Capitols have won the presidents trophy, but lost in the second round to the Pittsburgh Penguins, who would go on to win the Stanley cup.

This year the caps weren’t as good of a team, and didn’t end up winning the presidents trophy. The Capitols ended up playing Pittsburgh again, and many thought that this year, like every other year they would lose to the penguins.

The capitols went into this series as underdogs expected to lose, but to all surprise this year the Capitols got past the Penguins in 6 games. The Capitols would then go on to beat the Lightning in the conference finals which surprised fans even more after the unbelievable season the Lightning had.


Vegas Golden Knights

This year was the Golden Knights first season. Before the team was a thought nobody would ever think that an NHL team would be in Vegas. Then when the theory came up about an NHL team in Vegas, no one thought it would ever happen, then when the team was confirmed people were stunned. Then the after the teams expansion draft everyone thought they didn’t draft a good team and it would take them a while to be good.

The team was highly underestimated going into this season, but the team got off to a 3-0 start, the best ever by an expansion team. The team started to get better and better and eventually they won their division. Going into the playoffs fans still underestimated that Vegas wouldn’t go very far these playoffs, never expecting them to go to the finals.

The Golden Knights managed to sweep their first round opponent San Jose Sharks, and then edged past the Sharks in the semifinals. The Knights then beat the Jets in the conference finals in 5 games.

Who has the advantage?

Seeing as the other rounds have so many different series I haven’t really had the chance to go so in depth, but because there is only one series left why not go more in-depth and show who’s better in key factors.

Goals per Game: Vegas(3.27)

Goals against per game(less): Vegas(2.74)

Power play %: Washington(22.5)

Penalty kill %: Vegas(81.4)

Face-off win %: Washington(50.4)

Point %: Vegas(.665)

After reading all those factors you’ll see Vegas takes three of them leaving Washington with two.

Final Prediction

Related image

This is very hard to predict. It will definitely be a close one. Both these teams demonstrate great defense and great offence and great goal-tending. It will be very close and my prediction could be right or very wrong. So who do I predict to win in the end?

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NBA and NHL Conference Final Previews and recaps of the past rounds

The summer is approaching which means travel European Travel season. Stay tuned to my website for an article about places to visit in Europe, but for now were focusing on what we have left in sports. Summer is easily ruled by baseball, but until then many are focusing on the hockey and basketball playoffs. Both the NHL and NBA conference finals are among-st us so I thought why not put a preview for both those finals together in one post.

For this post I will recap the previous rounds of the NBA and NHL playoffs, and preview the conference finals for both of those.

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Stanley cup playoffs semifinals preview

Round 2 is upon us in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Two teams enter this round without a game lost, but will face each other ending at least on of those droughts. And for the third year in a row, Ovechkin and the Capitols will face  Crosby and the Penguins. It will be a round worth watching and sure enough, there will be some twists and turns.

For this post I will briefly recap the previous round, and make predictions for each series of this round.

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Stanley Cup Playoffs preview

The 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs are upon us, and before they begin, everyone is trying to predict who will win the cup. Now we all know Pittsburgh has one it for two years in a row, and Flyers fans could only watch, now they have the chance to show them who did it first. And after 4 goals in 5 minutes, the Leafs are wanting revenge on Original 6 Rival the Bruins. And with these playoffs featuring the 4 newest team, is it the beginning of an era?

Here’s my preview and predictions for the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Image Courtesy:NBC

Above is my Bracket, which has my predictions for the whole Playoffs. For this post I will just be presenting my predictions for round 1.


Image result for tampa bay lightning vs new jersey devils

(A1)Tampa Bay Lightning vs (WC2) New Jersey Devils.

I predict that Tampa will win this series in 6 Games. Tampa Bay Lightning will most likely win this series, as they have been the team to watch this year with Steven Stamkos, Nikita Kucherov and Andrei Vasilevsky. But I think the Devils are a good first round match up. Last year they had won of their worst seasons ever, to having Taylor Hall being a potential Hart MVP. Though New Jersey is a good team, many think Tampa will win the cup, so I have to have them winning this.

Image result for Boston Bruins vs Toronto Maple leafs

(A2) Boston Bruins vs (A3) Toronto Maple Leafs.

I predict that the Leafs will win this one in 7 games. To be fair the Leafs are a really young squad, but aside from Brad Marchand the Bruins really aren’t  that good of team. I don’t know about people in America, but in Canada all you hear about the Leafs are good things as they set a franchise record in Wins, and young guns Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews are still hungry for more in the playoffs. I think that the Leafs will get revenge for “4 goals in 5 minutes” five years ago, and sneak past the Bruins this year.

Related image

(M1) Washington Capitals vs(WC1) Columbus Blue Jackets.

I predict Washington will sweep the Jackets. The Caps seem to have good season every year, and yet they can’t beat Pittsburgh. This year won’t be any different. but for Columbus the team has a good goalie but really I think Ovi and the caps have got this series hunkered down.

Related image

(M2) Pittsburgh Penguins vs (M3) Philadelphia Flyers.

I predict that Pittsburgh will win in 7. Both these teams have had a great season, and make a really good playoff match up, especially as both these teams are from Penn State. Though Philadelphia is probably wanting to beat their biggest rival after winning back to back cups, but I still think that Pittsburgh will take this one in 7.

Image result for Nashville Predators vs. Colorado Avalanche

(C1) Nashville Predators vs (WC2) Colorado Avalanche.

I predict that Nashville will take this one in 5. Sure the Avalanche have had an amazing season after a horrible one last year,  but the Predators have been the story team of the whole league. The Predators won their first President’s Trophy,  and are sure to go far these playoffs. Colorado certainly can beat them, but I don’t think four games is easy enough to beat the presidents trophy winners.

Image result for Winnipeg Jets vs Minnesota Wild

(C2) Winnipeg Jets vs (C3) Minnesota Wild.

I predict Winnipeg will sweep Minnesota. Winnipeg had an ubelivable season, they may as well win the cup. The Wild certainly had a good season, but it is not good enough to beat the Jets.

Image result for Vegas golden knights vs Los Angeles Kings

(P1) Vegas Golden Knights vs (WC1) Los Angeles Kings

I predict the Golden Knights will take this in 5 games. The Golden Knights have set multiple records for an Expansion Franchise in their first year, so its no doubt they will win this series, but the Kings still have a shot at winning a game or two.

Image result for Anaheim Ducks vs San Jose Sharks

(P2) Anaheim Ducks vs (P3) San Jose Sharks.

I predict San Jose will win in 7 games. Know here’s a series were neither of these teams really made league headlines this year. The Ducks have been good for a while, but they just can’t seem to make the playoffs. I can see the Ducks losing game 6 on the road then go home and loss game 7.


That’s my predictions for round 1 of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs. What do you think? Feel free to comment me your predictions and send me your  bracket. Ill be recapping this round when it ends and be predicting the next round. Until next time thanks for reading.