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World Series Preview

Wow! What a season it has been in Baseball. It feels like the season just started yesterday, yet were already at the fall classic. This year the fall classic features the team that had the best record in Baseball this season and last years runner-up. While the Dodgers go for their first World Series in 40 years, the Red Sox are going for their 4 title in the 21st century. In this post I will be recapping the previous rounds and making predictions for this round.

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MLB postseason first round recap and championship series previews

The Baseball postseason is well underway.  This year, entering the postseason were three teams with 100+ win seasons. Both the NL Central and NL west Division ended in a tie for first by the last day of the season, which led to two tiebreaker games held. I would have already posted an article on the MLB postseason, but because there was so little time between the first rounds, it was hard to fit in making a post. Now we have reached round 3 of the playoffs, and I am here with a preview on the AL and NL CS.

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2018 MLB Season predictions

A new Baseball season is approaching us. No major changes to the league happening this year, but we will see possibly a Japanese version of Cy Young. And after a brutal season, the Toronto Blue Jays look to bounce back(most likely) without Jose Bautista. And with Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge on the same team, it is likely that we might see a super team in the MLB.

For this post I will be recapping last season, and making my predictions for this season,

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Joey Votto wins Lou Marsh Trophy

Canada certainly is not as good of a Country at certain Sports like Baseball, compared to our neighbor the United States. But that means nothing. There are still loads of Canadians that have played in the Major Leagues, and while they may not be well known in America,  this one certainly would be known here in Canada. Joey Votto, a 5x all star,  NL Hank Aaron Award Winner, NL MVP and Gold glove award winner from Toronto has been named Canadian athlete of the year for the second time in his career. But when you here about him winning all these stats you may think being named Athlete of the year in Canada means nothing, but as he explains it means a lot.

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