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NBA Finals preview

This NBA season,  we saw some big off season trades and signings, that would only make us more hyped for the season to come. As the regular season came to end, fans seemed pretty happy to see that neither the Warriors or the Rockets were at the top of the standings. While the Warriors only finished second in the east to the Rockets, the Cav’s finished 4th to the Raptors, Celtics and Sixers, who a few seasons ago were struggling to win at all. It really felt like this year we would not see the Warriors and Cav’s in the final, or at least not both of them, but we turned out to be wrong.

For this article I will be previewing the NBA finals, with analysis included.

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NBA and NHL Conference Final Previews and recaps of the past rounds

The summer is approaching which means travel European Travel season. Stay tuned to my website for an article about places to visit in Europe, but for now were focusing on what we have left in sports. Summer is easily ruled by baseball, but until then many are focusing on the hockey and basketball playoffs. Both the NHL and NBA conference finals are among-st us so I thought why not put a preview for both those finals together in one post.

For this post I will recap the previous rounds of the NBA and NHL playoffs, and preview the conference finals for both of those.

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NBA Playoffs preview

The NBA playoffs are always entertaining to watch. Or are they? Though many love cheering their favorite team on, in hopes of them winning the Larry O”Brien trophy, for three years in a row its just been Cleveland and Golden State. Though this year the possibility of that changing is very likely. The Warriors didn’t win the west for the first time in three years, instead Harden and the Rockets took this one, and Harden will probably be named MVP.  As for the East, the Cavaliers finished 4th, behind the Raptors, Celtics and Sixers who two seasons ago were struggling to win. Oh these Playoffs will be interesting, so without further to do here are my predictions for each first round series.

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