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Superbowl LIII Preview

17 weeks, three weeks of playoffs, the pro bowl and finally we are at the Super bowl which marks the end of the NFL season. For the 3rd straight year the Patriots return thanks to their QB Tom Brady. Meanwhile in the NFC, the Los Angeles Rams and their QB Jared Goff head to the big game on a controversial call.

For this post I will be recapping the Patriots and Rams seasons and predicting the outcome of the big game

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NHL mid-season summary and predictions

The NHL season is roughly halfway through, and as we are further into the season we have seen surprises and expectations from the league. Of course the NHL confirmed of an expansion team in Seattle as well as rejecting any other potential expansion bids. In terms of the actual teams no surprise the Lightning top the standings while the Senators take the bottom spot.

In this article I will be briefly explaining the first half of the season and predicting award winners.

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World Series Preview

Wow! What a season it has been in Baseball. It feels like the season just started yesterday, yet were already at the fall classic. This year the fall classic features the team that had the best record in Baseball this season and last years runner-up. While the Dodgers go for their first World Series in 40 years, the Red Sox are going for their 4 title in the 21st century. In this post I will be recapping the previous rounds and making predictions for this round.

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MLB postseason first round recap and championship series previews

The Baseball postseason is well underway.  This year, entering the postseason were three teams with 100+ win seasons. Both the NL Central and NL west Division ended in a tie for first by the last day of the season, which led to two tiebreaker games held. I would have already posted an article on the MLB postseason, but because there was so little time between the first rounds, it was hard to fit in making a post. Now we have reached round 3 of the playoffs, and I am here with a preview on the AL and NL CS.

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NHL Season preview

Hockey is back in just three days. Everyone fan is getting ready for another great season of one of the greatest sports in the world. Well it might not be a great season for some. While last years bad teams like the Coyotes and the Sabres hope to improve from last year, teams like the Ottawa Senators are not looking a great season.  The team not only lost their captain, but are still subject of being sold and relocated. Things have gotten even better for the Toronto Maple Leafs, who after acquiring John Tavares are looking at going for the Stanley cup.

For this post I will be predicting the teams that will make the playoffs, including the wild card teams. So without more to do here are my predictions for this years NHL season. During the mid-way point of the season(most likely during the all-star break) I will make another article on the teams making the playoffs that is more up to date.

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2018 NFL season preview

Summer is over now, which means that kids are going back to school, which can get our kids to be a little upset. However the start of school also means that the NFL season will begin as well. And for my first football article, I thought that it would be perfect to predict this years division winners as well as the two wild card teams from each conference. So without further to do here is my first NFL article on this years division winners and wild card teams.

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